How are the it is made?

Gond laddu in pregnancy

You can make these Laddus by following the steps given below:

1. First of all, dry roast the ingredients until their color starts changing to light brown. As ingredients, you can use grated coconut, jaggery, dry fruit powder, aliv seeds, sauf, cardamom powder, etc. Next, blend the roasted ingredients into a fine or slightly coarse powder in a blender.

2. In a pan, add 1 tbsp of ghee and heat it-make sure you are not overheating it. Add 1 tsp of gond to it and fry it on medium heat until it fluffs up. Now perform the same procedure with the rest of the gond. Then transfer to a mixing bowl and crush it.

3. In a heavy bottom vessel, add some ghee and heat it. Once hot, add flour to it and keep stirring until it turns golden.

4. Add jaggery and stir till the jaggery melts and starts showing bubbles. Transfer the mixture to a plate and turn off the flame. Let it cool down a little.

5. Add all the previously roasted and blended ingredients and mix well.

6. Apply ghee to the palms and shape them into round balls. In case the mixture is too hot, try adding some hot ghee and mix it well in the mixture.

7. Store in an airtight container.

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