Here is why you should have them ?


Consuming these laddus can definitely offer an array of advantages. Listed below are some reasons why you should eat them.

Boosts stamina and immunity
As per Ayurveda, gond is known to boost stamina and health. The many ingredients in Gond Ladoo come together and aid in increasing our defenses to fight common ailments due to seasonal change. Regular consumption of gond is also great for strengthening the bones, spine, and teeth.

Lubricating properties
Gond also is known to treat low Vitamin D levels in the body. Due to the lubricating features and anti-inflammatory nature of the edible gum, gond ladoos are good for those suffering from Arthritis. As the ladoos help lubricate the joints, they are extremely powerful in reducing back pain as well as other joint pains.

Keeps the body warm
In winters, eating gond can efficiently keep the body warm and helps in avoiding illnesses such as the common cold and flu. So consumption of gond ladoos in winter makes the body feel fresh and strengthened.

Keeps diseases away
Extra fiber in the laddus helps with constipation and reduces the risks of diseases that arise from consuming adulterated food. Eating ladoos also makes the muscles strong and promotes weight loss, helps in managing diabetes, and keeps heart diseases at bay.

How do they benefit Pregnant women?

Ease the labor pains
Ghee helps in easing labor pains and makes delivering a baby much easier for a woman.

Boosts immunity and strengthens pregnant women
During pregnancy, the bones of the mother become brittle. In such conditions, the consumption of gond laddu for pregnant women can prove to be very beneficial for them since it is rich in iron and calcium, therefore, boosting immunity to a greater extent.

Provides strength to women after delivery
There is a lot of weakness in a woman after the first child is born. In such a situation, eating not only improves the condition of the body after delivery as it contributes toward joints and bone strengthening and prevents post-delivery back pain,

Benefit lactating mothers too
Eating these ladoo by pregnant women as it has proven to increase breast milk production in them. The nutrients in these laddus help in building their strength and nourishing their bodies.

Comforts during post-pregnancy menstruation
Post-pregnancy menstruation can be heavy, along with some menstrual cramps. They help to keep the blood flow in check.

Faster recovery
The postnatal phase is as demanding and difficult for a woman’s body as the prenatal phase. They provide a mother with the necessary nutrients that she needs after delivering the baby. The mother’s body needs all the care it can get, and including gond ke laddu in the postnatal diet can help her recover faster.

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