Teekhur sonth laddu (jaggery) 400g


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How to use

Teekhur sonth laddus are delicious and appetising sweet balls that you can enjoy with fresh fruits and warm milk at any time of the day. These laddus are packed with nutritions and have many unique health benefits.


Teekhur sonth laddus are a great source of protein and fibres. They are helpful in producing haemoglobin and thus cure anemia. They are helpful in weight loss and also improve digestion by treating abdominal gas and acidity. During the pregnancy it helps producing the blood in body, other than this it helps keeping pregnant lady healthy so child too. In earlier days Teekus had been used in preparing “Dhudhi” that pregnant lady used to consume during pregnancy for better health.

Best For

  • Pregnant and lactating mothers
  • Improving digestion system
  • Helpful in Respiratory problems
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Teekhur sonth laddu (jaggery) 400g