Gond laddu ( Sugar Free ) 400g


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How to use

Gond laddus are rich, delicious and wholesome snacks that you can eat any time of the day. However, to reap their maximum benefit, you can savour one to two gond laddu every morning/bedtime with milk. Though gond laddus are especially beneficial for mothers recovering from childhood, these sweetballs are good for people of all ages.


Gond ladoo are not only known for their aromatic taste, but are also highly preferred for their unique health benefits. Rich in protein, calcium and iron, these sweet snacks help lactating mothers to build their immune system which can become vulnerable owing to many environmental and lifestyle factors. They also have anti-ageing properties, which is beneficial for the skin as it delays the development of wrinkles. They also improve the digestion system.

Best For

  • Pregnant or lactating moms
  • Protecting the the body from cold, seasonal virus infections
  • Improving bone health
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Gond laddu ( Sugar Free ) 400g